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Located in Bay Area, B-Boy's Family BBQ is the happening BBQ Catering Service that the locals enjoy year round. Our menu features dishes assembled from the high quality meats, and fresh ingredients sure to bring bold and inspiring flavors into your life. Contact us today to cater your special events.


About Us

Family Black Owned

B-Boy’s Family BBQ started in 2017 with a small smoker and a family’s passion for “Queing” as the locals call it. Not long after we began serving our signature BBQ at local festivals and community events, sharing our love for authentic wood smoked BBQ. Our delectable Que derives from a fusion of different barbecue dialects from around the country, from Missouri to the Carolinas,  Alabama, Mississippi to Texas.  Much like our grass roots born and raised in Oakland, CA a mecca of diversity, rich culture is how our style of BBQ was born.

“I like to think of my Que as a Fusion Que” -Pitmaster Brian

With the sweet nutty smell of hickory and almond wood used to craft our Que, our goal is to  rekindle memories of those that may have forgotten, and create new experiences for those that may have never known the deliciousness of meat being slowly tenderized by low heat until it willingly releases itself from the bone.  No need for sauce! Every plate reflects long hours over the pit, the use of choice cuts, homemade links, and local grown ingredients. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product  on every plate that we serve.


Featured Dishes

Smoked Meats

Homemade side

Sweet Desserts

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Brisket, Ribs, Chicken & Homemade Beef Links

Mac & Cheese, Baked beans, Potato Salad & Green beans

Sweet Potato Pie, Peach Cobbler & Banana Pudding


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